Our Services

All of our projects are customized to meet the specific and unique needs of our clients. Each project begins with a thorough needs analysis and inventory of current challenges, opportunities, entrepreneurial capacity and assets.  Our services span a full spectrum of needs assessment, planning and implementation.

We have a bias for action and as such place great emphasis on actionable and implementable strategies and next steps. In addition to recommendations, we strive to work with our clients to assist in the creation of funding plans and implementation of specific strategies.

Things we’ve done in the past and can do again:

–  Implemented institution wide entrepreneurial capacity and impact assessments, asset mapping and comprehensive needs analysis.

–  Crafted entrepreneurship strategies and roadmaps.

–  Built best in class centre’s for entrepreneurship promotion and support.

–  Created physical and virtual training and support structures to encourage entrepreneurship and teach skills.

–  Developed and taught best in class entrepreneurship training programs.

–  Designed leading College and University curriculum.

–  Funded and delivered world-class youth entrepreneurship mentoring programming.

–  Designed and implemented numerous business competitions and accelerator challenges and related support mechanisms.

–  Built out mentor networks and managed mentor programs.

–  Identified private and public funding opportunities, created sponsorship packages, giving campaigns, secured  National and Internationally recognized sponsors and sponsor management.

–  Developed fund raising, funding and revenue strategies to support entrepreneurship support programs.

–  Founded local, national and international youth entrepreneurship projects and organizations.

–  Worked to bring together angel networks and venture capitalists in annual forums.

–  Designed and implemented talent development and retention programs.