How Colleges are Becoming Entrepreneurial

The latest from Dan Schawbel at TechCrunch:

“At the University of Michigan, there are three types of classes: 1) engagement classes where students are made aware of the importance of entrepreneurship 2) skill-building classes 3) practicum classes in which companies and projects are launched. In total, they have 2,500 students in entrepreneurship classes each year. Thomas H. Zurbuchen, the Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship Programs, says that they try and hire entrepreneurs as teachers but in some classes they don’t have a current entrepreneur involved. At the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, they take students beyond the classroom, allowing them to actually test their ideas in real-world situations. Tracey Keller, an Associate Director of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship, says that students not only take courses, but participate in competitions and labs, which give them practical tools to help start, finance and manage their own businesses. At Boston University, Peter R. Russo, the Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, says that all of their professors have been entrepreneurs.”

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