About Us

Value Proposition
Entrepreneurs create jobs and stimulate economic growth. Building entrepreneurship capacity provides a strategic advantage for institutions and communities. Our solutions build entrepreneurial awareness, education and development programs, culture and capacity. Our team works with clients to assess existing assets, establish goals and build specific, targeted programs that support and encourage entrepreneurism. More than just recommendations, our team is available to assist in the identification of funding, the implementation of solutions and the measurement of impact.

Our mission is to assist communities, organizations and institutions in their efforts to promote entrepreneurism as a way to build strong economies and create competitive advantage.

Stephen Daze is the Founder of Agawa Entrepreneurship Development Corporation, an organization dedicated to helping clients build entrepreneurship programs and capacity. He is the former Managing Director of Entrepreneurship and Talent activities at the Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation and has been recognized for his volunteer work with organizations such as Junior Achievement, University of Ottawa and the Chamber of Commerce. He is the past Chair of the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management’s Career Centre Advisory Board, the Ottawa Chair of the Manning Innovation Awards and was a long time Board Member with the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management teaching entrepreneurship in the undergraduate and MBA programs as well as their Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Stephen graduated from the University of Regina’s School of Management as well as Saint Francis Xavier’s Adult Education Certificate program and the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators.


– Founder, Agawa Entrepreneurship Development Corporation.

– Fourteen years of experience as Executive Director of a recognized best-practices Centre for Entrepreneurship.

– Author of numerous best-practice entrepreneur training and development programs.

– Design and delivery of numerous business plan and accelerator business challenge models.

– Development and implementation of venture capital and angel investor programs.

– Creation and implementation of professional development and retention programs for key talent.

– Defined expertise in public and private funding strategies and funder/sponsor management with all levels of Government, private foundations and national private firms.

– Professor of entrepreneurial studies and extensive background in training design, delivery and facilitation.

– Extensive research in the fields of: youth entrepreneurship; accelerators and incubators; and, the deployment of adult education strategies in entrepreneurship training programs.